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Sleener 225 Zylindrischer Testbehälter
Der Sleener 225 wird auf das ATC XL Unterteil fixiert.
Die Sleener 225 Innenseite wird durch
eine Papierbahn geschützt.


Messen und Veranstaltungen


A New Approach for Lance Test of PU and PIR Formulations - 2022

Foam Rise Height and Pressure Measurement in Narrow Containers - 2021

Advanced Measurement of Gelling and Curing - 2019

Gel Time and Curing Determination of Slabstock Foam - 2017

New Methods of Analysis for Foam Rise Data - 2015

Production Near Testing of Foam Generation Parameters - 2014

Expansion Measurement of One Component Foam - 2013

Temperature Measurement in PU Samples during the Chemical Reaction - 2012

Pot Life and Curing Monitoring of CASE-Formulations at High Temperatures - 2011

Recovery Measurement According to IKEA® Specification IOS-MAT-0076 - 2010

Rise Pressure Measurement of Sealing Foams and Microcellular Foams - 2010

Revealing more Insight into Foam Generation by Using an Advanced Test Container - 2008

Production Near Testing of PU Formulations by Using Temperature Controlled Sensors - 2007

Dielectric Polarization Measurement in QC of PU Formulations - 2006

Advantages of Foam Qualification Using the Semi-Automated Test Device FOAMAT® - 2005

Measurement of the reaction profile and the Pot Life of PU-CASE materials - 2004

Measurement of the Mechanical Properties of Viscoelastic Foams - 2003

Measurement of Physical Parameters in the Production of Slabstock Foams - 2002

Dielectric Polarization Measurement with CMD Provides New Insight into the Foaming Process - 2001

Viscosity Determination from Rise Profiles and Pressure Data - 2000

Lance Test: Measurement of Large Foam Rise Profile - 1999

Meeting product quality demands by monitoring PU foam formation